Road Dog’s founders are Steve Micheli and Frank Arnold. They have more than 30 years combined experience in the logistics industry, including 7 years each at one of the largest truck brokerage firms in the nation. While there they improved upon what it takes to be successful and brought that knowledge with them to Road Dog where they encapsulated it into four simple words – Service, Honesty, Integrity and Trust. They are the cornerstones of our existence. We live, breath and eat this stuff.

Allow us to explain. Service, these days, is a given. It is the price of admission into the industry. There is no room for fall-outs, late trucks, poor communication and lies. As a brokerage, if you can’t provide this basic necessity, you don’t deserve to exist.

Second, is Honesty. When dealing with humans and machinery, there will be issues that arise. The difference is in how those problems are handled. Rather than make excuses, Road Dog will always be up-front and honest about the problem at hand, and have a solution available as soon as possible.

Third, is Integrity. Road Dog will never pass the buck. We accept responsibility for our actions, as well as the actions of the carriers we hire.

Last, but certainly not least, is Trust. By delivering, both literally and figuratively, day-in and day-out, we build your trust in using us a valued carrier for your business.

As we like to say here at the Doghouse we don’t just talk this stuff, we live it.